Percussion Lessons

“Randall is a rare combination of a very talented, very patient, and skilled teacher. His passion shows both through his extensive knowledge of many hand drumming styles and his ability to not overwhelm beginners but guide them gently on the path of learning”
-Matt, Ann Arbor

Randall Moore offers private and group lessons in the following instruments:

  • West African style Djembe, Ashiko, and Dununs
  • Latin style Conga, Bongos, and Timbales
  • Irish Bodhran
  • Middle Eastern style Doumbek
  • Beginning to Intermediate Tabla
  • Didgeridu and Circular Breath
  • Studio and recording instruction
  • Various small hand percussion shekere, bells, blocks, tambourines and more!

Emphasis for all instruments is on hand technique, including developing proper tone and sound definition with a focus on the traditional music and rhythms of each instruments native roots.  These concepts are all built on a foundation of learning and understanding basic musical structure and notation. Lessons are crafted uniquely according to each students individual needs and musical goals, including preparation, techniques, and suggestions for live performance and studio work.

Private lessons are taught in Ann Arbor. Randall will travel for group lessons and workshops.

“I have wanted to learn more about hand-drumming for years. Randall came highly recommended as a knowledgeable, talented and non-threatening teacher. I am proud to announce that I can drum and I love it. I find it challenging, relaxing, exhilarating, meditative and fun. I even invested in one of his handmade djembes”
-Kim, Ann Arbor

“In 2011 I took my first percussion lesson with Randall Moore. Randall is not only an extremely talented percussionist but an equally talented teacher.  I’d trust him with my own kids and would highly recommend him to anyone.  Whether you’re looking to just have fun or get really good at percussion Randall is the man to call upon.  He’s able to break things down to a very easy to digest level.  Without the contribution Randall has made to my musical life I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
-Jeremy Reisig — Percussionist, FUNKTION