About Woodspeak Drums

Founded by Randall Moore in 2010, Woodspeak Drums is dedicated to crafting the finest quality hand drums and percussion instruments at an affordable price, with an emphasis on West African style djembes, shekeres, and other hand percussion, in addition to a full hand drum repair shop.
Randall also offers private and group lessons and workshops in Michigan and around the country.
A Michigan native and in demand performer and teacher, Randall has been professionally playing, teaching, studying and recording world percussion with many musical groups in the US and Europe for more nearly 20 years, including performing in 48 U.S. States and 12 countries, including major festivals such as Lollapalooza, Tonder (Denmark) PFC Festival (Ibiza) Greenroom Festival (Yokohama) SXSW, CMJ, Electric Forest and many, many more. Randall is an experienced teacher known for his kind, humble, and  knowledgeable teaching style accessible to students of all ages and experience. He is also one of the most highly regarded drum builders and “drum mechanics” in the Midwest.