Drum Repair

Randall is one of the most highly regarded hand drum “mechanics” in the Midwest, and has been repairing all manner of hand drums for over fifteen years. Repairs offered in the Woodspeak shop include:

  • Djembe, Ashiko, Dunun (ringed and sew calf skin) Reskinning
  • Bearing edge and crack repair
  • Re-rope and tuning
  • Complete hand drum “overhauls”, including new skin and rope, bearing edge and shell finishing, decorative ornamentation and more.
  • Retail  natural high quality African sourced goat and calf skin heads
  • Retail replacement replacement plastic Doumbek (Alexandria) heads and other major manufacturer Conga and Bongo heads, including LP, Toca, and Evans Tri-Center

Give us a call and let’s talk about making your drum look and sound better than ever!
Repairs are generally completed in one to two weeks.